Kris Murrell – In The Studio
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Kris says, “I choose to surround myself with people interested in improving their quality of life. Be it your body, your mind, or your future. I enjoy shaping my physique and helping others shape theirs, as well as their lives. I live like I train, it’s all or nothing. There are days you just don’t want to do anything, or get out of bed for that matter, but you push yourself and you get things done. The profound effects of how hard we train, the sacrifices we endure, and the discipline that we entail, ultimately affect the way I live my life and that choices I make. Through these attributes, no matter what aspect of life it may be, ANYTHING is possible. I know there can be some bad things that happen, and sometimes you just want to give up, but it IS worth fighting for, anything in life is. So train hard, play harder, and live in this world like its being graded.”

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  1. Pat

    One of the most genuine, down to earth, stimulating women in FBB or anywhere for that matter….Magnificent….

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