Heather Green – Bikini

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Heather says, “First, I would like to say my real name is Nadine Heather Green, and I go by Heather, although my family still calls me Nadine! It’s a little confusing, so I just like to clarify this from the very beginning. I was born in Rochester, New York on March 22, 1972. I was raised in a small Northern town called Watertown, New York where winters are unbearable and summer is gone before you can blink! I have four beautiful, amazing sisters who are my best friends and motivators. I currently reside in Palm Harbor, Florida, which is on the West coast of Florida near Tampa. I am happily married to an amazing man, and we have two beautiful children.”

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Brittany Thorsch In Lingerie

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Brittany Thorsch Bill Dobbins

IFBB Fitness Competitor, International Fitness Model,

Brittany Thorsch is a ball of fire fitness competitor that lives the fitness lifestyle. Not just an outstanding up and coming fitness competitor Brittany is also a make-up artist and image consultant, a popular model, and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Specialist in Performance Nutrition and Supplementation.

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Nancy DiNino – Topless

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Nancy says, “I am a radio personality, TV host,Professional Model,Fitness Athlete and Salsa Dancer. My career focus in on using my talent and marketability to inspire a diverse group of people..all of you!”

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Monica Brant

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In 1991 Monica started lifting weights and noticed a photo of Marla Duncan winning a fitness competition in a national fitness publication. Marla’s beauty and physique impressed her so much that she wanted to try her hand at the fitness competitions. Just a few months later in 1991, Monica competed and won her first show! After competing for a few more years based in TX; she decided to make the move to Los Angeles where she turned her hobby into a full-blown career. Since her move in 1995 and earning her Pro Card in the IFBB, Monica competed in 1-3 contests a year through 1999. After the Fitness Olympia in 1999, she decided to retire from the Fitness stage, however, she was still continually booked for appearances around the world (Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Argentina and many tropical islands too!) promoting a healthy lifestyle!

After 3.5 years hiatus from professional fitness competitions; Monica was invited to compete in the first Professional IFBB FIGURE International 2003 at the prestigious Arnold Classic. To this date, Monica has competed in 12 IFBB Pro Figure Competitions and has continued to place in the top 2-3 at every show!

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Gina Aliotti

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Gina Aliotti is a Monterey, California native but currently resides in San Diego, Ca. Healthy living has been her way of life, as Gina grew up in a very health conscious and active family. Throughout her adolescence, She was involved in softball, field hockey and dance. Once Gina entered her college years, Gina shifted gears and began concentrating on weight training and her love for nutrition. Gina’s father (Johnny Aliotti), a previous bodybuilder, introduced her to figure when she was 19. In 2004, she decided to compete, for the first time. After winning the figure teenage division, Gina was hooked. It has been an amazing journey as she climbed to the top of the ranks, turning pro in 2005 and now is one of the top IFBB figure competitors in the world!

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